Aprilaire Model 700 High-Capacity Humidifier - Manual Control

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Aprilaire Model 700 High-Capacity Humidifier - Manual ControlProtect yourself and your home from the negative effects of chronically dry air when you use the Aprilaire Model 700/700M Whole House Humidifier. This powered flow-through humidifier works with your existing heating and cooling system to deliver properly humidified air throughout all the rooms of your home. The Model 700 functions as an evaporative humidifier, distributing up to 18 gallons of moisture per day. This is enough to humidify tightly sealed homes up to 4,200 square feet, average sealed homes up to 2,100 square feet, and loosely sealed homes up to 1,050 square feet.Ideal For:Whole House; Coverage Area:1,050 - 4,200 sq. ft.; Humidifier Style:HVAC/Duct; HVAC Type:Flow-through; Installation:No; Humidity Range:0; Humidity Display:Model 700-Auto Digital Control: YesModel 700-Manual Control: No; Humidistat:Yes; Moisture Output Per Day:18 gallons; Mist Output Control:No; Water Refill Indicator:No; Fill Type:Direct Water Line; Controls:Model 700-Auto Digital Control: ElectronicModel 700-Manual Control: Manual; Wi-Fi Capable:No; Remote Control:No; Programmable Timer:No; Automatic Safety Shutoff:No; Air Filtration:No; Wick Filter:Yes; Frequency of Filter Replacements:Yearly; Demineralization Cartridge:No; Medicine Cup:No; Germ Protection:No; Height:15.96 in.; Width:15.90 in.; Depth:10.34 in.; Weight:9 lbs.; Casters:No; Color:Gray; Minimum Noise Level:0 dB; Maximum Noise Level:0 dB; Maximum Amperage:0.8 Amps; Maximum Wattage:0 W; Voltage:110-120 V;
Aprilaire Model 700 High-Capacity Humidifier - Manual Control

Coverage Area: 4200 Square Feet
Volume Capacity: 0.1 gal
Product Name: Aprilaire Model 700 High-Capacity Humidifier - Manual Control
Humidification Method: Evaporative
Condition: New
Color Category: Gray
Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi
Color: Gray
Brand: Aprilaire