Concord 700c NuVinci Hub SCN Men's Bicycle, 17" Silver/Orange

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This Men's 700 C bike has a 17" frame and a NuVinci N330 CVP Internal Gear Rear Hub. The Continuously Variable Transmission allows you to change the gear ratio within its’ 330% range in one continuous motion by simply twisting the shifter. Whether you are pedaling under a load, shifting while stopped or waiting at a stoplight, the N330 will shift into the correct gear for your situation. What that means is this bike has a self-sustained internally lubricated hub that shifts into whatever gear you need without having to drop gears like a traditional derailleur. Those have a fixed number of gear ratios, this hub has an unlimited number of ratios within its' high and low limit. The Concord Nuvinci Hub SCN bike also has color matched fenders, a luggage rack, a bell and a Vitesse comfort saddle for added convenience. The technology of the NuVinci N330 is a game changer providing improved transmission performance and flexibility for this Commuter style bicycle.








Manufacturer Part Number



Kent International Inc

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

69.00 x 24.50 x 42.00 Inches