Golf Swing Sheftic Pressure Board

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In the beginning, there was zero information about how to use the ground. Though trial and error, these types of questions came up. What does shifting pressure mean? What is the correct amount? How much should a golfer shift their pressure? What is the proper timing of a pressure shift? These questions along with others started to come up and little by little I started to find answers to my questions. Over the years, I have collected information from some of the finest ball strikers. I learned we all do things differently but there was concrete consistency in certain areas. The best ball strikers always start the downswing working the ground first. The poorest ball strikers start the downswing hands first. In addition, good ball strikers follow similar loading and unloading patterns to extract energy from the ground. One day I was instructing an individual who could not get her pressure to the lead leg or foot. I put together a make-shift pressure board and tried it out. The results were amazing. She said, “That’s the first time I could feel what you have been trying to say.” From there I knew, I had found a device to create the feeling I was verbally trying to describe. After many prototypes, I derived “The Sheftic Pressure Board”, a training aid to communicate feeling the proper connection to the ground. All the years I have been teaching ground forces, using the pressure board has simplified my communication and my students are hitting the ball longer than ever with increased accuracy.
  • Improve Balance and Stability
  • Proper Fundamentals in the setup

Brand: Sheftic Pressure Board