Orange Whip Power Peel Package, Regular, Golf Fitness & Swing Training

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The Orange Whip Power Peel was designed to develop your golf swing both on and off the golf course. The Orange Peel, LightSpeed Trainer, six connection points, and resistance bands allow you to develop and strengthen your 5 Foundational Swing Skills with functional golf movements that are the foundation of your golf swing.

The Power Peel Package allows you to combine swing training with a golf exercise program, improving your golf swing and golf fitness in just 20 minutes a day. Designed for use with the Orange Whip Golf & Fitness streamable golf exercise and swing programs. This is the ultimate golf swing fitness gym.

  • Combines swing training and golf fitness to improve your golf swing twice as fast
  • Band connection points provide resistance and assistance training to strengthen your core golf muscles
  • Develops your foundational swing skills of posture, rotations, segmentation, weight shift & balance, and swing plane

Features: Golf Swing Trainer
Brand: Orange Whip
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Orange Whip Golf and Fitness